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I hope you all had a great weekend!

The purpose of this blog is to be my journal, so you can expect nothing short than my life or my family’s story here. I love to write, especially I love to write about our story. Sharing it is just a bonus, but I always want to tell our story to anyone who would listen. In fact, whenever I have time for myself, you’ll find me at our little garage typing away on my computer.

Oh no, it’s not uncomfortable there at all. My husband, having noticed my fondness to that small little room, decided to convert it into my office a long time ago. I cannot remember the exact time or place it happened. What I remember is going home with everything already in order. He had our favorite Albuquerque garage door service install a brand new garage door which after being there for as long as I can remember, still never fail to amaze my neighbors. You can never underestimate the beauty of a glass garage door.

Anyway, my goal is to write every Wednesday possible; and in a year or two, print them off into a book. At the Casual Blogging Conference I went to last month, they gave me a pass to use over at Blurb. Now I can turn this into a true little journal. I don’t think I will wait to use my free book, and I am excited to work toward this goal.

I invite all of my friends and family to participate if possible. Think about when your children look back to how you viewed life at this point in time. Think of how, with all of the technological abuse around us, we can do something productive and beneficial to our families.

Next week I will be starting also my online store which I would post here. I hope you guys would continue supporting me in my new venture. I would love it if anyone who participated would leave a comment so that we can Laugh…Cry…Sympathize… Enjoy… Absorb together.


In this blog, I have convinced Jill, coming from Create. Craft. Love., to be our regular company each week to help feature YOU! How about, we show our appreciation ny hopping to her blog to send her some words of love?

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Pomp Party

Pomp: noun

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