About Me

Welcome to Joy in the Jumble… Where Happiness and Chaos Collide

What to know about me

Hi, I am Amanda Joy. I’m married to an Athletic Training Major… who is getting ready to apply to Grad School in the PT program. I love our two CRAZY kids Asher & Abbie. Crafts, Baking, Photography, and Parties are things I am always tinkering with in my spare time. I love to learn and try new things. I love creativity, and making things my own. I am eclectic, silly, vibrant and intense… and that’s okay.


I am also {in no particular order}




imagination lover

braille printer

wannabe sewist




history buff

audiobook listener {like I have time to read}

teddy bear finder

sparkle cookie maker

cupcake baker

somewhat cooker

red personality

M*A*S*H watcher

Daughter of God

memory maker



camping girl

roasted marshmallow eater:)

Etsy Shop Owner

Nutella lover

party planner

“It’s all about the details” gal

knuckle, neck and back popper

vivid/ intense soul

Joy {my maiden name}

owie kisser

potty trainer

bedtime enforcer

tummy tickler


Things I love {besides my family}


citrus flavors


my kids’ smiles

the Young Women’s Program

finishing a craft project

watching my kids use their imaginations

string cheese:)

chicken and dumplings

cabbage burgers

wave running

the TV show Psych




emergency preparedness

delivering babies {my own}

family adventures

amateur photographer


Things I don’t love so much



honeydew melons (remind me of cucumbers)

being pregnant

swollen ankles

stretch marks

swimming suits in general

tactless people

raised toilet seats

runny noses

when people call after bedtime

not being able to stay at home

folding laundry

radio DJ’s

rap music

driving in the snow {yea for Utah winter’s:)}

Most of all… I am me… on a journey- to like things more, hate things less, and become more worthy of all that I have been blessed with.

Thanks for joining me in the happiness and chaos.