Eden- 4 and 5 Month

I am SO far behind on posts!
This means that my Eden update is being combined:)

In these past two months Eden has made so many changes,
But one thing has remained the same...
And that is how often people tell us how beautiful she is.

The new things going on with Eden-

She learned to sit early just like Abbie...
Though she is still so weeble wobble.
Just yesterday she fell forward in the one spot on the floor that had no padding,
And when I pulled her up she had a bloody mouth...
She was very much a fan of the popsicle I let her taste to stop the bleeding and numb her mouth.

Eden also learned to put her binky back in her mouth.
She is very picky about when she utilizes this talent...
It tends to be when she is happy and doesn't really need,
And NEVER when she is in the middle of a crying bout.

Eden got to taste her first spoonfuls of baby food.
She got the yuck shivers, yet continued to open her mouth for more sweet potatoes.
Now she shakes and smacks her lips anytime she sees anyone eating.
The worst is when Eden has a mouth full of applesauce and starts blowing razzberries:)

She has learned to say Ma Ma Ma Ma and Ba Ba Ba.
Now that we have moved, and there are no grandma's taking care of her...
Eden is such a mama's girl.
If I set her down and leave the room, she screams MaMaMaMAAAA!!! until I come back.
I am totally building up my biceps holding her squishy little body:)

Eden is a Houdini and constantly figures out how to get her right arm out of her swaddle.
Fortunately, she is old enough to roll on her side and sleep all on her own.
She kicks so much in her swaddle when she doesn't want to go to sleep yet.
We had to start putting tube socks on her to stop her rubbing the skin off her feet:(

Eden likes...
Being strapped to mommy and going on hikes.

Swimming in not too cold water.

Cuddling and making silly noises.

Eating her toes.
Rubbing her sleepy head in a circular motion when she eats.
When daddy talks to her after being gone all day.
The fact that I make extremely ridiculous noises to make her smile and laugh.

Music, especially the Wikersham's Song from Seussical the Musical.
(She stops crying as soon as it starts to play, and begins crying when it ends)
And when Abbie sings to her.

Vigorously playing with her musical kick toy.

Eden is a happy baby for the most part...
Her beautiful eyes sparkle.
She holds my face and covers it in big, slobbery, open mouthed kisses, and stares at me with those eyes.
A smile so big that her binky can't stay in...
And we catch a glimpse of her gums and the future gappy smile like her older sister:)
I love watching her grow and cannot believe that she will shortly be six months old.