Eden- 3 Month

Eden is three and a half months old.
She is so happy... such a happy baby.
We finally got Eden to laugh on March 14th.
Before she would get so excited that she would cough,
But now she lets out a laugh or a cough.

On March 22, Eden rolled over for the first time.
We got her to recreate it for me since I missed it because of work.
She didn't freak out like Asher did as a baby:)

Eden drools A TON!
Her shirts are always soaked.
Asher and Abbie are always asking if it is their turn to pop her spit bubbles (weird)
Eden is developing more hand coordination.
There is less jerky movement and more connection.
We all cheered for her when she grabbed a toy by herself to play the music.
If only she could get her binky back in after taking it out.
She still loves to be swaddled to sleep...
But she does not like to be swaddled when she is more alert before sleep.
When she is tired, she likes to bury her eyes into my bicep.
She can almost instantly fall asleep this way.

I have been losing more sleep trying to get my milk supply up by feeding her throughout the night.
She is such a distracted eater...
The sleepier she is the better.

Eden still loves music.
She was crying the other night when a song started in the Les Mis movie...
There was a pause as she listened.
Both my girls love music, while Asher says it is annoying.

Eden loves...
To blow spit bubbles and raspberries.
Talk to people.
Have mommy make crazy sounds and noises.
Lay on the playmat.
Sit down wedged between couch cushions.
Chew on her hands.
Be held facing out while the person stands.
High contrast patterns, like Grandma's scrubs for work.
Showers and Baths.

Eden is so much fun... and I love each new phase!