Arizona Here We Come!

After so much waiting...
So many prayers...
Four years of Matt's hard work...
We are moving to Arizona because...

Matt will graduate next week, a certified Athletic Trainer.
He will have earned his Bachelor's degree.
Now he will begin the tough journey of earning his Doctorate Degree.

I am so proud of the dedication Matt puts toward education.
He tries so hard, and now his goal of being a Physical Therapist will be realized!

The last few months have been so stressful.
The waiting and wondering made it so hard to plan.
Every plan that needed to be made, was contingent upon whether Matt got into Grad School.
Now that we know he is in...
New stresses are emerging, but so much more manageable.

We need...
An apartment or house to rent
Find a good school to get Asher into
A new ward to go to for church
Get Abbie in preschool
Get our house in Utah packed and on the market
Figure out how to live so far away from family.

All of these are attainable, but the last one on the list totally sucks.
I don't think about leaving family yet,
Though I am prepping the kids that we won't see the grandma's every day.
I know this will be a bigger adjustment for the kids than when Eden was born.
But we have all Summer long to get settled.

The biggest change for me besides moving...
We have waited a long time for me to finally be a stay at home mom.
Our family was blessed that I had a good job with great benefits,
As well as our awesome parents to take care of the kids throughout each work day.

Life is going to be so crazy for the next two months until forever:)
We are so excited to go on this new adventure together...
To rely more heavily on each other, because that's how it should be.