The Things They Say 3

A couple of weeks ago at church,
There was a woman who stood up to sing.
She was about my age, and had an operatic style of voice.
Abbie was mesmerized.
She turned and looked at me and said, "Mommy look, I have HAPPY tears!"
After Sacrament Meeting ended, we couldn't find Abbie.
She had darted off to the aisle where the woman sat after singing.
Abbie was giving her a hug, and told her, "You singded berry beautiful."
I love that Abbie recognized a person's talent and took the initiative to let her know.

This past weekend we went out to dinner with my family.
It was my Mom, Step Dad, Sister Crista, Brother Andrew, and Sister in Law Whitney.
My brother got an interview for Grad School at Colombia University in NY for Theater.
He and Whitney are also having a little boy in two weeks.
This was an "eat dinner as a family before we are all over the country" type of gathering.
The kids got to ride with my Step Dad Russ in his truck and follow us to the restaurant.
When we got there Asher informed my that I was in "Berry big Trouble!" and that I "Drive like a yak!"
Come to find out, Russ had said I drive like a MANIAC, and Asher only heard YAK.

Eden didn't get very good naps yesterday with church and getting dinner ready.
I was difficult to get her to relax.
Usually, we will just take a shower with her...
But I really didn't want my hair wet.
I put the baby tub into the regular tub and started giving her a bath.
She was sitting there content, when Abbie walked in and asked if she could take a bath too.
She stripped down and sat behind the baby tub oh so happy.
Eden doesn't stay warm enough in a bath until she can sit up on her own...
So I asked Abbie if I should take a bath too.
I took Eden out of the baby tub and removed it...
Then I sat down in the tub with my clothes still on.
Asher then walks into the bathroom and stops dead in his tracks.
The hilarious look on his face as he processed,
1- Me in the tub in the first place
2- Still in my clothes
Asher then climbed in the tub with his shirt still on.
We sang Primary songs and Nursery rhymes.
Eden stayed toasty in the warm water...
And the kids had a funny memory because it was so out of the norm.
Once Eden kept yawning,
I had Matt come and get her...
Since he was a party pooper and wouldn't join us in the tub.

Asher is my Hall Monitor child.
We are working on not being Tattle Tales.
When Abbie naughty to him, he writes her a ticket.
He does not like the fact that once Abbie has the ticket...
She promptly tears it up.
Asher told Janis that he needed a special machine that made metal tickets so that Abbie couldn't tear them.

My Mom gave Asher a ticket notepad that does the carbon copies.
I took him on a "Grocery Store Date" on Saturday and let him bring it.
He wasn't listening about something,
So I told him if her didn't stop that he wouldn't get to come back with me.
Asher said that he was going to write me a ticket.
I informed him that I didn't do anything wrong and don't deserve a ticket.
Asher wrote one up and kept asking me to look at it...
I refused over and over,
He then told me it wasn't for me but for the store.
When I looked at the ticket,
Asher got a mischievous grin on his face...
And told me, "It's really your ticket mommy!"
Clever kid.