Seamus the Leprechaun 2013

Saturday night we built a Leprechaun Trap.
Asher was so excited because he had just learned about the tricky creatures at preschool.
I told them about how the little Leprechauns were sneaky, and that they love gold.
Asher and Abbie were excited to find out that the Leprechaun's name is Seamus...
And if we catch him in the trap, we have to hold him and ask for his gold.
I told them how Seamus would be tricky and try and get out of our clutches...
But the Leprechaun magic would bind him to us until he gave us some gold.
Asher was more excited for this, than Santa...
Which is totally fine with me:)

I built a box out of Mega Blocks, and Asher came up with using the toy stairs.
Asher went and found his twine in my craft room...
And we strung up some chocolate coins that Seamus would have to leap to.
I told the kids that they had to go to sleep so that Seamus thought it was safe to sneak in.

That rascal Seamus left little dime-sized foot prints on the toilet seat...
And he didn't even flush after he peed green, yuck!

Then, Seamus must have been thirsty...
Because I found his little footprints across the bathroom counter and in a tipped over cup.

I found his footprints all over the trap.
The little crafty bugger had used the twine and a little hook he brought...
To repel up the side of the trap to escape.

Seamus left the garbage from the chocolate coins...
And half eaten chocolate at the bottom.

When I cleared away the debris...
I saw all of the frantic footsteps from when he ran around.
Then he climbed out and poofed away.
The magic couldn't hold Seamus in there was he figured out a way to get free.

I listened for Asher and Abbie to wake up Sunday morning.
Abbie was first and she went to the bathroom.
I heard her exasperated huff.

Abbie- "Asher come here, come see."

Asher- "What?"

Abbie- "The Leprechaun, he made a big hubongous mess!"

Asher- "It's okay Abbie."

Abbie- "No it's NOT! He left footprints all over our furniture!"

Asher- "Let's go see if he's in the trap, let's go in the kitchen."

Abbie- "Okay, that is a berry good idea."

I was just laying there chuckling in bed listening to them.
They came in and "woke me up" and I went in the kitchen to see what we caught.
Asher was so disappointed that Seamus had gotten away.
He already started planning about what we would do next year to catch the Leprechaun.

It made it even more magical and fun...
When we found our that Seamus had also been to cousin Lucy's house.
He put the chairs up on their kitchen table...
And he had turned their applesauce upside down.
Lucy was so excited and giggly to talk about it.
It worked out perfectly...
Especially when Amy and I hadn't talked about it at all before hand.
We both wanted a fun St. Patrick's Day memory for our kids...
And they were able to talk to each other about that crazy Seamus.