Called To Serve

About a week after we moved into our house,
I was called to serve with the Young Women ages 12-18 at church.
We have a really small ward,
So there was only about 4 girls at church each week.
This made it so that us leaders could get to know the girls better.

In the October 2012 General Conference for the LDS Church,
The Prophet Thomas S. Monson made a HUGE announcement.
Young Women can now serve a mission at the age of 19 instead of 21.
This is such an amazing thing,
And it will afford more young women to be able to serve...
I know I would have at that age:)

As soon as Reagan, one of the Young Women I taught, heard the news...
She immediately started to cry.
Reagan announced that weekend in October that she would be going on a mission.
Her Facebook page was filled with friends who were also committing to do the same thing.

I am so excited for Reagan,
And I have been anticipating this great experience for her.
She is ready and prepared to do this.
Reagan is strong in her testimony of the Gospel...
And the love the Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father have for all of us.

I felt privileged to be at the opening of her mission call.
She was anticipating it to come on Wednesday...
But it didn't.
Her family made friends with their mailman earlier in the week.
Let me just say that Adam the mailman was awesome!!!
He gave them his cell # and watched for the call to come in.
When he saw it Thursday morning...
He called, and delivered just that very important letter to them before he started his route...
Where it sat taunting her on the piano all day.

There was so much excitement and so many people at that house last night.
A giant map covered in guesses hung on the wall.
The anticipation of where Reagan would go and this amazing journey she was about to go on...
I loved being a part of it!

Our guesses:
Matt- Malaysia
Amanda- New Zealand
Asher- Africa (Because that's where he wants to serve)
Abbie- Russia (Because that is where Anastasia is from)

Congratulations Sister Anderson!
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma