Meeting Little Sister

Much to our disappointment, our local hospital has a policy that no child under fifteen is allowed in during RSV and Flu season.
That meant that Asher and Abbie had to wait to be able to meet their new sister.
We tried to get out of the hospital after just one day...
But because of the GroupB Strep+, Eden had to be watched for 48 hours.
I was so excited to leave...
To have our family all together in one room...
To have the kids meet their new baby sister.

Asher and Abbie were fascinated.
Any little thing Eden did made them smile, giggle, and/or belly laugh.
They couldn't believe how little she was.

Asher did much better with holding Eden than he did with Abbie.
It helps that he is five years old instead of sixteen months old:)

Abbie just wanted to hold and kiss Eden.
She would say, "She a dirl (girl) like me!"

Asher made Eden a gift and wrote her name.
He loves office supplies and stamps... and he helped wrap it himself:)

Abbie drew a picture for Eden that was a snake/dinosaur/worm.
She was proud to show it to Eden, even though she was asleep...
And couldn't really focus on anything:)

I am so glad the doctor caved and finally gave me a water pill to get rid of a ton of excess fluid.
As Asher puts it, "Mommy your boobies are all big and you are squishy!"
To his credit I have just given birth, he is five, and I am confident enough to not be affected;)
I am already down 20 pounds which is great!

It was a fun moment to share as a family.
I am glad the kids were old enough to understand.
I am grateful that they have both been amazing with Eden...
And that they LOVE her!