Eden's Birth Story Part 4

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The doctor was paged.
He had wisely decided to stay at the hospital rather than leaving, then coming back.
The epidural was not fully kicked in at this point.
It had taken the edge off of the pain...
But I could still feel.

The doctor was ready...
I was ready...
Eden was ready.

Here is where most would talk about pushing for hours.
I am a punk, and didn't have to push.
One terribly hard contraction popped Eden out to greet the world.

They got the cord from around her neck.
Told me about her head of dark blonde hair,
Sucked the fluid out of her nose and lungs that she had aspirated...
And then we heard her gurgled cry.

The nurses put her up on my stomach to hold and see for the first time.
What a relief to see her squishy cheeks...
To know it was over, and she was here.
While I don't enjoy pregnancy, I love the day of delivery!

The doctor finished up with me, laughing about how I didn't need to push.
I told him I don't know what we will do if we ever have another baby...
Asher was 3 pushes
Abbie was 1 1/2 pushes
Eden was 0 pushes

The doctor made an excellent call to induce me that day.
Once my waters broke at 3:30 PM,
I went from a five to a ten in forty five minutes...
And delivered at 4:28 PM
Had my water broke at work or at home...
There is a strong possibility that I would have delivered in the car.
Everything played out perfectly.

Eden Rae Petersen
7 lbs 15 oz
20 inches long
She immediately began breastfeeding...
And is the best eater, which helped get the jaundice out of her system faster.
She actually allows us to swaddle her and doesn't turn into Houdini to get out.
She is our first blue eyed baby (That Matt was hoping for)
Eden is missing tiny parts on the tops of her ears that make them curl...
Which gives her slight elfish ears that she inherited from her Daddy and Grandpa.

Eden has a cinnamon roll shaped belly button.
Dark blonde, most likely curly hair.
Long eyelashes that already curl.
Eyes shaped like Asher's and Matt's
Nose and cheeks shaped like Abbie's and mine.

She is so calm, and hardly cries.
Eden is a big mam's girl.
She tucks her head in the crook of my neck...
While I rock her and sing songs or whisper, "Shhh, Shhh, Shhh." in her ears.
She is soft, and sweet...
With the smell of new baby.