Eden's Baby Blessing

On February 3rd, Eden had her Baby Blessing.
We just had our immediate families come to celebrate this special event.
Eden was in her own bright white dress that I will save for her... 
Just like I saved Abbie's/My blessing dress.
Eden reminded me of Abbie on her blessing day,
Though Eden seemed more calm and reflective... 
While Abbie was happy bubbly.

Matt gave her a beautiful blessing.
It fit Eden so well.
We feel that there is something extra special about Eden... 
And we feel the responsibility we have to raise her to be good and love her Heavenly Father.
This day was about Eden and our little family.
It was kind of sad that we have lost some of our Priesthood holders to death since Asher was born.
This time it was her daddy, grandpa's and one great grandpa holding her as Matt spoke the words.
He blessed her with health and the desire to do what her Heavenly Father asks of her.
He blessed her to be a Peacemaker.
Matt said other things in the blessing, and other special things happened,
That I plan to write down in her baby book.
I love this opportunity to be Eden's mother...
She has added a depth to our family that we didn't know was missing. 
Eden is beautiful on the outside, and I can already tell that she has a kind heart.
It's weird how I can know that about a person that is so young, but I do!

This is my favorite picture I have ever taken.
I can just stare at it and see the perfection in her tiny mouth and beautiful eyes.

Full shot of her dress I purchased,
With the hair fascinator I made.

The hand sewn booties I made for her little feet.

All tuckered out after our mini photoshoot.
She was wrapped up in the beautiful white crochet afghan a neighbor made for her blessing.
I plan on saving that for Eden as well as her dress.