Eden- 2 Month


1 Month

Eden hit the two month mark this past week.
She had her well check visit with the doctor as well.

Two Month Stats
Weight- 11 lbs. 9 oz. 80th percentile
Height- 23 in. 75th percentile
Head Circumference- 15.5 in. 60th percentile 

It was so nice to hear that Eden was growing healthy and proportionately!
We had to fight so hard to even get Abbie on the charts...
So to have Eden eating well, and growing because of it is awesome:)

Eden was happy and content with the doctor and nurses.
Asher and Abbie were telling the doctor everything they could think of.
The doctor thought it was awesome when Abbie told him a story.
She said the whole thing with such intensity that we couldn't help but laugh...
Abbie told him how she was running faster faster faster around Grandma BB's house...
She then stopped and put her hand on her chest,
And she could feel the "blood trying to pump out!"
"It was going so faster"

I prepped Asher and Abbie that Eden would have to get shots.
They knew she would be sad, and that it would hurt.
As soon as Eden started to wail...
Both of the kids rushed to her and rubbed her head saying, "Oh honey it's okay!"

My tenderhearted little boy even turned away so that we couldn't see that he was emotional.
I have told that it is okay if he cries, that he doesn't have to be tough all the time...
But it is so sweet when I can see their compassion for others' pain.

Asher and Abbie were excited to help me take these two month pictures of Eden.
It is so fun to see her change and grow!

Oh how I love to get her to smile...
She doesn't care that I look and sound like an idiot to get her to do it...
And quite often Abbie is right beside me doing the same thing.
That is probably why she and I can get the best smiles out of Eden:)

This video is mostly for the grandparents...
Two minutes of me being a dork to get her to smile and laugh.