Eden- 1 Month

I needed to get caught up on all of the pictures.
I want to try and keep track month to month to see how much Eden grows.
Two big blogs that I read regularly HERE and HERE do it, and it is so fun to see the subtle changes.
Since Eden is almost two months old, I knew I needed to get month one up quick.

So many changes happen the first couple of months in a newborn's life.
They begin to focus...
Find a rhythm and routine...
Which allows them to begin to sleep better.

While finding our families rhythm and groove...
We found Eden's nickname.
Now we have-
Asher Boo Boo (what my Mom and Abbie calls him)
Sister Sue (Given by Abbie's nurse in the hospital) and
Eden Woo

Asher and Abbie call her Eden Woobie Woo all the time...
And so do I.
Because of Eden's kissable cheeks,
She sometimes is called Squishy too:)

The first important milestone in a baby's life is their smile.
You wait in anticipation for the stars to align.
They focus at just the right instant that you are being a complete goofball...
You see the corner of their mouth twitch,
Because the only time they have done this is in their sleep.
The next thing you know...
That special moment has happened,
And their lips spread wide in a squishy, toothless grin.
If you are lucky, like I was, you have your camera phone handy to capture it. 

With that rhythm I mentioned...
Comes those bonding moments you not so secretly hoped for and worried about.
Asher and Abbie are so good with Eden.
Abbie and Mommy are the best at getting those big grins out of little sister, and
While she is rarely fussy...
If you take to long to feed her,
She squawks and lets you know. (Complete with real tears)
In those moments,
Asher goes and rubs Eden's head,
And in a sugary voice says, "Oh Honey... it's okay, Oh Eden Woobie Woo!"
He will find his favorite song on her playmat...
What he calls the Kiwa Kiwi song, and plays it for her.
They are so willing to help.

Which was perfect when Eden needed her first bath...
After a diaper not getting on her body fast enough moment.
Asher and Abbie had waited from day one for Eden's belly button to be healed,
So that she could finally take a bath.
Asher was giggling, wondering if she would poop in the tub like he did as a baby.
(I was grateful she disappointed him)
They both rubbed her down and poured warm water on her.
She was so content, with no unpleasant reaction.
I am so glad that all three kids of loved baths, (Even though Asher HATED his first bubble bath)
The first month has been a blast...
And fairly easy for our family.
We can't wait to see what other fun things Eden learns:)