Boy Friendly Valentines

Asher's preschool class happened to end up being only boys...
Therefore, he needed boy friendly Valentines for the preschool party today.
I let him look at my Valentines Day Pinterest Board to choose what he wanted.
He was very involved from start to finish...
And we both loved the time we got to spend together with this project.
(I really think his Love Language is Quality Time:)

For his friends he went with THIS idea
(I had to jump through too many hoops to get the free printable, so I made up my own)
He chose what Hot Wheels car they got...
And he was most excited that he got to use my quill and ink well to write the names.
He also loved that he got to use my "striped string" (baker's twine) and washi tape for the back.

Asher decided to use THIS idea for his teacher.
That little boy LOVES him some honey...
So sharing it and asking his teacher to "BEE Mine" is a great way to show her love.
It also made it fun that he got to use my big paper punches, quill and ink.

Easy, boy friendly Valentines...
That he was able to help make, with small child flare:)
I love the homemade look of these.
They may not be clean and crisp printables, but they were made from his little heart.
Valentines is SO much more fun with kids:)