A Concussion and a Haircut

Abbie had quite an eventful weekend.

On Saturday she got sent to time out...
When Matt and I walked in to check on her she was "nowhere" to be seen.
Abbie had dragged her pillow, blanket, stuffed animal, and herself under the fitted sheet.
She then fell asleep and took a nap under there.

On Sunday night Abbie had a blast playing with cousins and family.
We had two different birthdays to celebrate at two different houses.
When we were leaving my mom's...
Asher came running up to us yelling EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!
We found Abbie on the driveway sobbing.
It seems that what was water when we got to Grandma's had turned to ice.
Because it was dark, when she ran across the icy patch she fell.
She broke a Tupperware bowl with her little serving of mashed potatoes and crumbled fortune cookie...
Breaking one of those is quite the feat.

Abbie has some decent road rash on her left temple, shoulder, elbow, and knuckles...
She also hit her head hard enough to get a concussion.
Abbie told me yesterday that she can hear a tree in her ear that makes a noise that goes away.
She also told me that her eye goes funny and she turns blight (blind)
There isn't much we can do except keep her low key and calm...
Which is SO easy (SARCASM!)
Matt has been checking her out,
He told me that I can worry when he does.
I wish there was more we could do.

On a happier note for all involved with Abbie's hair...
She got her first major cut.
With all that curl...
Abbie was often reduced to tears when it came to washing and brushing her hair.
It doesn't help that she is still the messiest eater...
And quite often I find syrup, sauce, and/or some other condiment in her hair.
I asked her if she wanted her hair cut...
And I let her know that is would grow back and be long princess hair again.
Even before I told her the princess hair part, she was game.
We are going to have such fun with her hair when she is older!
Matt likes to sit and flat iron Abbie's hair,
So I made sure that he was okay with the cut...
And that it was still long enough that they could do their Daddy/Daughter bonding time.
Everyone in our household was a GO...
Though we kept it fairly low key with the grandparents...
Since we weren't taking their opinions in the matter;)
 I always wanted Abbie's hair to be long like mine was...
By the time I was her age, I could already sit on my hair.
But I didn't curly hair and the eating habits of a heathen;)
When she gets bigger, and can brush her own hair,
Then we will grow it long and princess like.

 Telling her she looks like Mavis from Hotel Transylvania:)

"Mommy I want one of these, no soap in my eyes!"

Such a sassafrass!