Eden's Birth Story Part 3

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After almost twelve hours at a five my waters were broken.
We found out then that Eden had a whole swimming pool in my belly.
Once that cushion of liquid was gone,
Those contractions really started to pound one right after another.

The maximum strength Pitocin was still pumping through my veins, full force.
I had an awesome nurse, Sabrina, who had been helping me throughout the day.
For a short period of time she was gone helping with a C-section.
I just kept breathing, resting, talking to Matt.

My contraction intensity was going off of the charts st this point.
The contractions were making me feel so hot and flushed.
I started to feel like I had heat stroke...
The nausea was trying to creep up,
But I just kept breathing to keep it at bay.
At this point I called for the epidural.

I would like to think that if my body worked right...
And I didn't need Pitocin to help my body contract before breaking my waters...
That I could go natural.
As it stands, that made Matt much too nervous,
And I wanted both of us to be able to enjoy becoming a family of five.

Matt was put on fan duty while we waited for the anesthesiologist.
The contractions were slamming my body,
Making me feel like I was doing Zumba into a concrete wall.
The anesthesiologist had to stab me in the back three different times trying to drug me up.
I was starting to lose focus.

Sabrina came into the room, grabbed my shoulders, and got me back on track.
She was mine until delivery.
The drugs finally started to kick in.
I have a high threshold for pain because I made it to about a nine before the drugs started working.
Sabrina checked me right after the anesthesiologist was done and the race was on.