Eden's Birth Story- Part 2

Part 1

Very early Sunday morning I was impatient and having weird dreams/ interrupted sleep.
My mom was on call for Asher and Abbie in case I went into labor.
I drove to the hospital and let Matt sleep with the kids in case it was nothing.
I didn't want to cash in that babysitting card until it was absolutely necessary.
There was great disappointment when I was told that I was still at a five...
So the nurse told me to walk around L and D for an hour and then they would check me again.

I made that awkward hospital gown clad waddle for the next hour.
It was the most exercise, at over a mile, since hiking around Tough Mudder.
After the hour was up, nothing had changed and I was still at an annoying five!
The hospital has a policy that you cannot be induced unless you are at 39 weeks.
I was praying that my doctor would give them the okay to induce me since I was finally 39 weeks.
The praying paid off.

When the nurse called my doctor, he said to keep me and start me.
He was afraid, with this being my third pregnancy, that it would go fast.
He didn't want to take the risk of my water breaking at home.
So at 4 AM the process had begun.

I was GroupB Strep+ so I had to have a couple of bags of antibiotics before they could start the Pitocin.
At 8 AM I was started on Pit.
I then had a long boring day of waiting, suckers, popsicles, and ice chips.
The only thing on TV was coverage of the shootings, and NCIS.
My heart was too sad for those families to watch the news, so an all day NCIS marathon it was.
Once Matt was able to come...
He became ice chip fetcher and DVD changer.
I gave up on NCIS when Matt brought Season 6 of Psych. (The best season so far:)

The Pitocin was giving my regular contractions...
Enough that I had to actually concentrate and breathe through them.
The pain wasn't terrible, I could handle it.
By 3 PM I was at the highest level of Pitocin 20 mg, and still at a blasted 5!
I was feeling discomfort and nothing was coming of it.
My doctor is such a pro that he came straight from church, still in his church attire.
He gratefully decided it was time to break my water.