Eden's Birth Story- Part 1

Eden's birth story...
It's long with details I want to remember, so I am breaking it up into parts.

Before we ever got pregnant and before we got rid of birth control...
I knew that we would have a little girl on our next pregnancy.
I felt so sure that a little girl was waiting to come and be with our family...
Then Abbie started telling me that her little sister wanted to come and play.
When we found out that we were having a girl, I wasn't surprised, just excited.

I was blessed to get pregnant at just the right time.
I didn't get sick, and I was super sick for me, until Matt was finished with finals for Spring semester.
I didn't go into labor until Matt was done with finals for Winter semester and had taken the GRE.
It was a comfort to know that he wouldn't be in a class taking a test, when I went into labor.
My due date fell during the holidays, so while maternity leave was unpaid, the holidays were.
When bills were about to roll in and there was no income... we got our Financial Aid for the semester.
Many blessings with this pregnancy.

With my previous two pregnancies I didn't have contractions that I could feel.
When I began to feel something, at semi regular intervals, I decided that I  wanted to get checked out.
While waiting to be seen on December 14th,
My step mom Janis had called to inform me that our family friends/ neighbors, had lost their granddaughter Emily in the Sandyhook Shootings. (Which will be a post for a distant day)
All I could think of as I sat there
Heartbreak for the Parkers...
Asher is nearly the same age as those kids...
Please don't let my baby come on this sad day!

I was so sad and trying not to cry as I sat there.
I was a little bit happier when the doctor told me I was already dilated to a five...
And that I probably wouldn't make it through the weekend without having a baby.
It was a weird balance of emotions going on for sure.
The doctor sent me on my way, and I had to wait... Wait... WAIT!

Saturday morning was cold and bright at our Church Christmas Party.
People couldn't believe that I was walking around at a five with no pain.
We play down Santa at our house, but Abbie did ask for the baby for Christmas (per mommy's request)

I went through the rest of that day...
Just knowing that the weekend would be the perfect time for giving birth.