Little Abbie Dancer

I found these pictures on the computer today, and realized I had forgotten to post them.
Abbie got the opportunity to dance in the half time show for the high school that Matt was doing Athletic Training hours at.
She had dance practice each afternoon, and was so excited to be with all of her friends.
Everybody is Abbie's friend, even if she has never met them before...
And especially if it is a little girl around her age.
Sometimes it was hard getting her to pay attention,
And you could tell that a lot of the other girls had done this before...
But she was excited to dance at "Daddy's school"

The girls were dancing to a clip of 
"Walking on Sunshine"
The big day arrived and Abbie loved her ballerina hair and sparkle shoes.
Almost all of the Grandparents were able to come and see.
I just love the family support my kids get for even the smallest of things.

Abbie liked getting to go out on the field with Daddy to go see some of the players.

Aunt Crissy came, and brought Abbie a giant flower.

Asher was perfectly content to NOT be dancing...
Even though there was a group of boys that were busting out some awesome moves.

Such a goober while waiting for Abbie to go out.

They dance instructors had the parents bring all of the girls at the end of the first quarter...
Which was where the problem started.  
To wait a whole quarter for a three year old, 
Who hasn't done this before, meant that Abbie started to psych herself out.
She looked so cute, but then got so nervous and sad.
I could see her crying from across the field where I sat in the bleachers.
I was able to calm her down enough to go on the field with the other girls.

She just stood frozen and hiding when she could.

I could see her try to find me, 
When Matt went and knelt at the side lines right by Abbie.
She could see he was right there, and she wasn't as nervous, though she still wouldn't dance.
Watching and knowing that Matt was there...
He was able to sweep he up at the end and talk to her and give her loves.

It was scary for her.
She learned that sometimes we have to do scary things.
I don't think it will be nearly as hard for the next time she does something like this.
She was sad that she didn't do what she was "supposed" to do.
But all of us were really good about validating that she did great, 
And that things like that can make anyone "a wittle bit nervous!"