The Things They Say 2

We have had a busy few weeks around our house.
Halloween was a blast and the kids were so excited.

The Sunday before Halloween, we started the festivities off by carving pumpkins for Family Night.
My Mom and Russ grew a ton of pumpkins in their garden this year...
And it seemed like the kids were bringing a pumpkin home from some body's house once a week.
We still have a bunch of pumpkins hanging around.

Asher had been waiting for this all month long...
The moment when he could carve his own pumpkin.
I carved out the top, lifted it up so that he could scrape the seeds out and...
He hilariously freaked out.
He grabbed a mask, and said he needed it to breathe because the pumpkin guts were so stinky!
Asher would pull off the mask, then dramatically grunt, and basically act like the smell was killing him.
I ended up carving all of the pumpkins...
My fingers were tired, it was late, and I took no pictures except the one below, but it sums it up.

The day Matt got done with Tough Mudder...
Abbie had a splinter stuck in her foot.
It was in there pretty deep, and Matt had to dig it out.
It took both of us to pin her down, with her screaming at us with a bright red face.
It would have been heartbreaking, if I hadn't been laughing at the things she was yelling at us.

"We are FAMIWEE, famiwee doesn't do dis!"
"I Promise I won't tick (kick), I PROMISE!" (Then she kicked)
"You are mean, Mean, MEAN, MEAN!!!"
"Save me, call the police!"
And my personal favorite...
"You are making Satan happy!"

We got it out, put a band aid on, and she was calm.
All these weeks later, and I still crack up about it.

The kids were both excited to Trick or Treat with Daddy.
Matt skipped school so that he could be there.
They crunched all of the leaves they could as they walked house to house.
Abbie was excited to see the almost Full Moon peak up behind the mountains.
My sister bought the kids a huge Haunted House cake that had marshmallow frosting...
They loved licking the frosting off and eating all of the black frosting so that their whole mouth was black.

The last Sunday of October was the Primary Program at our church.
Matt and I had to narrate, while all the primary kids spoke about Choosing the Right,
And also about making Jesus and Heavenly Father happy.

Asher was excited to speak into the microphone,
He didn't even need help with his little part, he had it memorized...
"I can make Jesus happy by cleaning my room."
He refused to sing any of the songs,
But he would turn and smirk at me behind him, or smile down at all three sets of grandparents and Abbie.

On Halloween...
All of the Grandma's, Papa Joy, Abbie, and I went to see Asher sing in the driveway of the Preschool.
I was nervous that Asher would just stand there, because he never sings...
But he did the actions and spoke the words to the songs.
He was SO proud of himself,
And I think that he was happy that so many family members came to support him.
None of the other mom's or families showed up... how sad would it have been if the boys walked out and nobody was there to see them sing the songs they had worked on all month:(

Asher's class singing "No Skin On and Carving Pumpkins"
I love that Asher spends almost the Carving Pumpkins song "carving" his own face/ itching his nose.

This is Asher and the other boys doing "Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate"
We never knew where Asher got the saying, "We don't care!" from... now we know.
My favorite part is the boys attempting to wink;)

Abbie has wanted to play with all her cooking toys.
She dragged the whole basket up, and made me "Pancakes"
I love that she warns me to be careful because it's hot...
And gets her little oven mitt and hot pad to take care of her pot of corn.

This past week I got the fun opportunity of explaining to Asher that not all babies are born C-section.
He thought every baby was cut out of the mommy's tummy, and they got staples and stitches.
I had to tell him that he, Abbie, and hopefully this new baby all came out a different way.
I explained it in plain terms, but not nearly plain enough...
He thought the baby would fall out of me hanging by the cord like some ninja spy.
He even tried to squish my stomach to help the process along.
He also thought it was pretty cool that some babies need a vacuum to get out.
I am sure he is picturing some hospital Hoover or car wash vacuum.
It was funny to see him trying to figure everything out.

Abbie has been into E.T. lately at my Mom's.
She will run up to me when I leave with her finger out saying "E.T. phone home!"
Abbie will also talk about the "wittle awien" and how the "scientistes" were not very nice.
She even went as far as getting a fun pack of skittles...
And making a trail outside for E.T. to find his way back to my Mom's house.
Abbie liked to randomly mouth the part where Elliot gets freaked out be E.T...
And he whispers yells, "Mom, mom, mom."
I think that she will be getting a creepy little stuffed E.T. for Christmas.

It was awesome this week to be able to go and vote with my kids.
Asher was very excited.
He drew a picture of a bat on a post-it note and spelled BAT underneath with a check mark.
He said he voted for the bat.
Both of the kids got to stand at the voting computer with me, and check the ballot once.
It is crazy to think that the last time I voted, Abbie wasn't even born yet.
Asher and Abbie were both so happy to get a vote sticker.
I was proud to have done my duty, and I am proud to be an American.
I am glad that I can show my kids how important things like voting are...
Even though I do NOT enjoy politics at all.

These are some of the small and silly moments that I want to remember right now:)