Harvest Farming

A couple of weeks ago, we had a really REALLY good day.
The sun was shining, 
The weather was still warm enough... 
And the kids were in their element.

I walked up to my Mom's house to find the four baby chicks on Abbie's lap.
She was blissful and they were content.
Asher had fashioned a lasso, and was able to rope one of the steer's horns.
Everyone was happy.

I took pictures to capture this day, until the sun went down with the temperature.
It was odd that the very next morning, a snow storm hit that lasted a couple of days.
I was glad that we had THIS day.
That the kids could run barefoot, taking care of the animals they love.
That they could climb on the hay bales...
Go mouse hunting...
Fetch the chicken eggs.

I know they will miss this when we have to move, but I am glad that we have pictures for them to look at.
It is crazy to think how much Asher and Abbie have both grown since the last time...
And how much is still the same.
This really was such a perfect, happy day!!!

Abbie sat down and the baby chicks would come over and just sit on her lap to peck, rest, or sleep.
They are still her little minions, and she tells everyone about the baby chick chicks at grandma's house. 

He kept walking around saying he was a dump truck, or a UPS truck to deliver hay to the animals. 

 Carrying a bale of hay to the animals, then realizing he should have looked down when throwing it into the trough...
He was covered in hay remnants and had to spit out all the hay dust.

 Telling Papa that she saw a "wittle mouse in the chicken toop, and it was so tute!"

Abbie is now at the age where I ask for a pretty smile, and I get a goofy pose instead... it more fun this way:) 

The fading scratch on his forehead from the corn stalk battle Asher and Abbie got into a couple of days before.  All we could see or hear going across all of the windows, were bobbing corn stalks and peals of laughter.  Asher came into the house and asked if we could see the battle, then proceeded to inform us that we could, "See it better outside... ON THE BATTLEFIELD!" 
He ran out and they showed us their wicked corn stalk moves, and they didn't care that they were covered in little scratches.

Giving one of the baby chick chicks a kiss. 

Muddy/ Squishy girly toes

A staring contest between Asher and the chicken from the roosting pole. 

Abbie wanted her turn at hanging upside down too.

Catching the chickens to put them back in the coop. 

Jumping in the air with excitement when the chicken jumped off of the grain barrel. 

 Asher hanging upside down, closing his eyes, and saying he was a sleeping bat with rabies.