{Craft} Shabby Chic Key Decor

Want to make a simple decoration,
That costs less than $4...
And less than 20 minutes to make?

This Shabby Chic Framed Key works great for 
Valentine's Day
& Spring decor.

I made it in time for Valentine's Day.
I guess I could say it is the key to my heart, but I painted one of those for Matt last year.

1- Off White IKEA Frame- $1.99
1- Brass Skeleton Key- Michael's $.75 with coupon
1- 1x36 in Coordinating Tulle Strip
1- 4x6 Piece of Scrapbook Paper  

 Take the back off of the frame
Remove the glass
Place scrapbook paper in the frame, and place the back back on
Fold tulle in half, and tie a slip know with it on the wall hanging bracket
Flip the tulle to the front of the frame, slip the key on, and tie a bow
Trim the tulle until symmetrical once you have the key hanging to desired length
Display and enjoy this Shabby Chic little piece of decor.

Not bad for $3 and 20 minutes of nap time.
I started and finished this project during the kids' Saturday nap after working overtime. 
I was still able to take a nap at the same time as them... 
Now that's what I call speed crafting with high impact:)

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