{Photography} Senior Picture Photo Shoot- Blake

Last Fall, I was asked by Blake, to use my amateur photography skills and take his Senior Pictures.
Blake was on Pioneer Trek with us.
He was one of our "Step Son's" since he and a bunch of other kids were always over with our Trek family.

We still get to see Blake semi-frequently, as his older brother and his wife are our friends and neighbors...
or when a bunch of our Trek Kids/ Step Kids pull pranks on our house at 10 pm and stay to laugh until midnight... Good Times, Good Times:) 

Blake is an awesome and talented kid.
 I have had so much fun talking with him.  
He reminds me a lot of my brother in personality...
and the fact that we like the same stuff, just like my brother.
Abbie really likes Blake, and can't help flirting with him. 
(How is is going to be when she is a teenager... shudder!)  
She met him at the end of Trek, but didn't really get to know him, until Blake and his family joined us for Fourth of July Fireworks.
She had to sit with him for fireworks, play with him and his nephew, her "best friend", Hadley.

I am glad that Blake gave me the opportunity to photograph him, and hone my skills.