{Project Kid} Glow in the Dark Ornaments PLUS 5 Other Styles

This entire project cost me $2.50 for the six pack of ornaments.
Everything else I had on hand.
Cheap, handmade, silly...
Not too bad:)
 This was Abbie's favorite ornament.
She kept running to turn off the lights while I was painting other ornaments.
All I took was the clear glass bulb, poured in the glow in the dark paint, and swirled it around.
Abbie can't wait to hang it on the tree.
The glow doesn't last long, but she doesn't care because she ropes me into holding next to the light every time:)

Red and Green Nail Polish Marbling 
Inspiration and tutorial found HERE by my Bloggy friend Katherine

 I should have used a larger bowl for better coverage.  As it happened, I had to rotate and dip mine multiple times for complete coverage, and I damaged some of the polish in the project.  
It was a fun experiment, and Abbie loved watching/helping.

 Abbie's Snowman prints were painted with pink, and she wiggled her fingers around so hers are huge.
Asher's are blue and green and I could barely get paint on his fingers before he started to spaz out.  His are small and sparse.
 Inspiration found via Pinterest.
Tutorial HERE

 I love how the Epsom Salt "Snow" Ornament looks.  It is a little messy, but worth it.
Inspiration found via Pinterest
Tutorial HERE
I used thick Mod Podge instead of a glue stick

 Peppermint Candy Ornament.
White Paint poured and swirled inside, red stripes painted outside.
I don't like the Matte finish of the red, so I think I am going to go back and paint over it with an iridescent pearl. 

 Red with Green Glitter Polka Dots
Red paint poured inside, dots of Mod Podge covered in lime green glitter