{Party} Eggplant Purple, Willow Green, and Cream Wedding

I posted about the first wedding I did HERE

These weddings were a week apart, and were vastly different in style, cost, and building location.
I loved the opportunity of working on both.

This Bride, Alyssa, is Matt's cousin... and very artsy.
We had lots of different idea swirling around, and it came together great.
Her colors were Eggplant Purple, Willow/ Olivine Green, and Cream.

Her centerpiece flowers, bouquet, and cake flowers were all made out of paper.
I made the centerpieces, and the bouquet and cake flowers came from Flowers From The Garden Shop on etsy.  Candace did a beautiful job on the bouquet... the crepe paper roses looked like real petals.

Matt's aunt and uncle are very talented and make the wedding cake for all of the niece's and nephew's, as a wedding gift.  This was my first time placing flowers on a cake, and I was so nervous.  There is no going back, and these were little paper flowers; not big fresh flowers that could hide a mistake:)

The refreshments were Gourmet Donuts from Beyond Glaze
The flavors were
Raspberry Mango
Chocolate Ganache
Maple Madness
Cookies and Cream
Blueberry Bliss

The drink was Hot Chocolate served with mini marshmallows, chocolate covered peppermint sticks, and my homemade vanilla bean whipped cream.

The archway decorated with rustic grapevine, twinkle lights and flowing fabric.

My pride and joy was the ceiling.  This picture does not do justice to how awesome it was.  This shot is with all the lights up, rather than dimmed. 
It was amazing to see the exact picture in my crowded and imaginative brain, come to life.
I had great help from the friends of the Mother of the Bride, to execute this endeavor.
I took a cream hula hoop and attached the gorgeous organza to it.
I also attached mini wrought iron buckets with matching purple and green satin ribbons.  We then completed the chandelier effect by stringing 300 one inch round mirrors and hung the entire apparatus around the center dome light.
With the lights dimmed and the twinkle lights doing their job of twinkling...
It was like walking into shimmery moonlit garden with diffused warm glow overhead and tiny flowers and birch twigs below.

There were other small touches I didn't get a picture of...
The bride and groom found an old door and painted it rustic and turned it into a picture wall.
The Mother of the Bride quilted a gorgeous bed spread that matched the wedding colors.
The little wrought iron birdcage for gift cards.
The wrought iron lanterns leading guests up to the entrance.

There was dancing, live music, cake all over the walls from the bride and groom.
I was afraid we wouldn't get to do a proper send off with the sparklers, because the snow was coming down so hard... but it worked:)

It was A LOT of hard work...
It turned out great and was worth the effort!