{Guest Post} Katherine from Irish Italian Blessings

Today we have a special Christmas Traditions Guest Post from one of my favorite bloggy friends.
Katherine from Irish Italian Blessings.
Katherine writes in a way that can make you laugh, cry, ponder, nod your head in complete agreement...
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Thanks so much to one of my most favorite bloggers ever, Amanda, at Joy in the Jumble for allowing me to be a guest poster for her today! She shares my incredible love of Christmas and I am so excited she is going to be sharing with my readers today too!

I'm Katherine, blogger of Irish Italian Blessings, and I looooove Christmas. I love everything about it. I listen to Christmas music starting on Thanksgiving, I have more decor than I know what to do with, and my schedule becomes a non-stop craziness awesomeness with a Christmas theme.

Today, we're talking about TRADITIONS! One of the reasons I love the holiday so much is because of the traditions.
The first year I met my husband, way back in 2002, we decided to head to San Francisco and drive around to see all the Christmas hustle and bustle.

We went down to Pier 39 first to see the tree, it's beautiful, and tall, and there's always plenty of people if you're looking to people watch.
Our next stop was Union Square to see the Christmas Tree
(yes, I know I might sound slightly obsessed with Christmas Trees)
There is something truly magical about Union Square, the Macy's covers it's windows with lighted stars or snowflakes and the Saks Fifth Ave does the same.
I'm pretty sure Santa lives here.
People are shopping, singers are singing, everyone wearing their winter coats and sipping their coffee. Just being there gives me the feeling of Christmas!
This picture does it a little more Christmas justice, forgive my tree pic, it was taken pre-totallyawesomeDSLR-days

Finally, when we'd almost had enough Chrismas cheer to fill us up, we headed down to the embarcardero ice skating rink.
 We got a nice cup of hot chocolate and watch the ice skaters.
The first year for my husband and I was so amazing, so incredible, and so magical that we made it OUR first tradition. It never feels like Christmas until we do our San Francisco trip.
Of course now that we have babies it's not as easy but if you haven't had the chance to do a San Francisco Christmas, you must put it on your bucket list, it's a tradition you'll never regret starting!

Thanks again to Amanda for hosting me today! If you want to see more of my Christmas Cheeriness, please come visit and say hello!

Thanks for sharing this amazing tradition, and awesome memories Katherine.
I LOVE San Francisco, would would enjoy going there at Christmas time, since I have only been there during the summer.