{Crochet} Flower iTouch Case

I am a lefty.
There is not much a can properly do with my right hand, except play the piano and crochet.
My Grandma is a righty, and she didn't know, many years ago, how to teach me left handed.
I started learning how to crochet in Jr. High, then I forgot about it, and lost the talent.
A few years later, I had to teach myself how to do it again...
That cycle has repeated itself over the years, and I am back to the point of really wanting to crochet.
Just check out my Pinterest board for all the projects I want to try.

I have a HUGE purse.
I kept losing the rubber pieces on my headphones, and they kept getting tangled.
I had some leftover yarn and figured that FREE was better than spending $15 or so dollars on a case.
I didn't use a pattern for this as it is just a basic rectangle folded in half and stitched up two sides.
I did double crochet for the body and single crochet for the flap to tuck inside.  
The flap was done only on half of the case...
So if the case was 50 stitches wide before I folded it in half, the flap was stitched on the back 25 stitches.
It sounds complicated, but it really wasn't. Plus, the flap is totally optional.

There are many different tutorials on how to crochet flowers on Pinterest, YouTube, and Google
The leaf was a formula I cooked up on my own, that happened to work.
I really like how this turned out...
Especially because I am on a Goldenrod kick right now:)
Bigger benefit is the fact that my iTouch is protected and it was FREE.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

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