{Recipe} Pumpkin Spider Cupcakes

It was so exciting to be guest posting over at Bear Rabbit Bear last week.
For the gueast post I made a
Spooky Halloween Cake Stand with Silly Spider Cupcakes

Purple Charger Plate
Wood Candlestick
Rhinestone Spider Sticker
Black Swirl Rhinestone Stickers
Martha Stewart High Gloss Black Paint
Foam Brush
E6000 Glue
Total cost with coupons- $10 at Micheal's 

4 Step Directions
Step 1- Remove the metal candle holder in the top of the candlestick with a pair of needle nose pliers.
Step 2- Paint the candle stick Black.
Step 3- Glue the candlestick to the bottom of the plate, and let it cure over night.
 Step 4- Place rhinestone stickers in desired location.
This cake stand is for decorative purposes only, be sure to never place food directly onto plates- according to manufacturer's directions.
Display with cute little Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Spider Cupcakes and enjoy!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Spider Cupcakes

1 box Spice Cake Mix
15 oz can Pumpkin Pie 
1/2 cup Applesauce
3 Eggs
3/4 cup Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
Mix first four ingredients until blended, then add the chocolate chips.  Pour 1/4 cup of cake batter into 24 cupcake liners.  Bake at 340 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
Once the cupcakes are cool to the touch, place them in these spider leg cupcake frames.  I got them on sale at Micheal's... 4 for $2.75.

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

1 stick Butter- room temperature
1/2 cup Cocoa Powder
4 cups Powdered Sugar
2 Tablespoons Milk

Cream butter, then add other ingredients.  Mix until incorporated, scraping the sides frequently.
Place the chocolate frosting in a pastry bag with Wilton Tip #233 (the grass tip) attached.  Squeeze the pastry bag, and let the frosting begin to fall onto the cupcake in random formations until the top is covered.
Place to Royal Icing Eyes (found HERE for an excellent price) on each cupcake.
Set it out as a spooky surprise for the kids and watch their faces light up:)