DIY Easy Fall Sign

 I have so many Halloween decorations, and nothing for Fall. 
We go straight to Christmas decor, after Halloween has come to an end. 

I figured it was time I remedied that situation.
Enter the  F.A.L.L. Sign

This whole project cost me $5 because of all the supplies I had on hand already.
If you had none of the supplies, you could make this for $10.

$5 frame from Walmart (with included 4 picture slot mat board)
4 sheets of fall-esque scrapbook paper (cut to size of slots)
Wood Letters F, A, L, L
Tape (I use glue dots)
Foam Brush
Burnt Sienna Brown Craft Paint (watered down to create a stain)
Sand Paper

 I only had the letters E, A, L, L... so I used my little hand saw and changed E to F then sanded it down.
You would never have known if I hadn't said anything... 
Use What You've Got On Hand

 Cut the scrapbook paper to be slightly larger than the 4x6 picture slots.  You need to have an edge so that you can tape it down.  
I use Glue Dots because they are super tacky, easy to apply, and comes in multiple sizes.

Water down the Craft Paint, and stain your letters with the foam brush.
When it is completely dry... sand the edges to give it a rough look.
 Optional- Take an ink pad and antique the mat board as well.  All of the browns will then tie together.

This project took me less than an hour from start to hanging on the wall...
not bad for $5:)