Say NO to Auto

Kristen of Kristen Duke's Photography has an ebook, that she just revised to add more information... for the same awesome price...
Only $10...
$10 to help you take better pictures.
This ebook gives you tips and pointers for moving away from the AUTO button and moving toward the awesomeness that is MANUAL mode.

It is hard to figure out everything on your own, and I love how Kristen set up this book.  The pictures she printed in the book have the settings she used for each shot.  She is also super helpful in answering questions:)

She hits the main points for beginning photography...

Shutter Speed

Click on over to Kristen's site.
Order the ebook
Take control of your camera!

FTC Disclosure- While I did purchase the original version of Say NO to Auto, I am receiving the revised addition for this post at no additional cost.  The opinions stated above are my own, and I back them and Kristen 100%