{Party} Pinkalicious

My cousin's little girl Kadence celebrated her 5th Birthday this past weekend.  She wanted a Pinkalicious Party after the book, and her mom spent a couple of months preparing for the party.

 Her parents did a stupendous job, especially considering that her mommy was in a car accident and broke her kneecap a couple of days before the party.  Kadence was a happy girl with all of the effort her parents put into her party.

I helped by making 6 dozen cupcakes for the party.  She wanted them super PINK, so I obliged:)

Her parents put together a bunch of fun party favors and treats for the kids.

David and Leanne even put together cute bags of treats to rid yourself of Pinkititis, like in the book.

Leanne had my Aunt Barb read the story to some of the younger kids at the party.  I had never heard of this book, but both of my kids thought it was fun and silly.

Asher was so excited to finally be able to eat a cupcake.  These cupcakes were so pink, it made Abbie's diapers Pinkalicious for the next two days:)

We got to the party before everyone else to set up the cupcakes and help with anything else.  That meant that Asher, Abbie, Kadence, and Shelby got to play on the bouncy slide before everyone else got there.
This is the Birthday Girl's little sister Shelby.  Shelby was just as excited for Kadence's birthday as she would be for her own... she was so cute.
The three girls together

Look at the angle of Abbie's feet in this picture... this was right before she did an awesome face plant, then got back up for more:)

All of the kids had SO MUCH FUN!  Asher played so hard, that he actually got sweaty.  Both of the kids slept so well that night.

Asher and Abbie both catching some serious air.

The kids also loved the balls at the bottom of the slide, though my kids called it popcorn... I guess we will never have normal names for things;)
David and Leanne did such an excellent job.  Every kid at the party had a blast.  It got so hard to take pictures of everybody because there were so many kids moving, dancing, and jumping around:) All Asher can talk about is having a bouncy slide when he turns five NEXT YEAR.