{Party} Blue & Black Wedding

Here are the cupcakes I got hired to do for a wedding.  
The Bride's colors were Black, Malibu Blue (Turquoise/Teal), and Silver.
The colors all came together nicely.

I used my homemade Chocolate Cake Recipe and made 9 dozen cupcakes.
Then I frosted the cupcakes using THIS teal tinted recipe like I did with Mother's Day Brunch in white and the Pinkilicious Party in pink.
I alternated the styling of the cupcakes between
Silver Foil Cupcake Liners and Black 4mm Edible Pearls and
Black Foil Cupcake Liners and 4mm Silver Dragees
(The Silver Dragees were my favorite with the teal tinted frosting)

I loved the tinted frosting compared to the white buttercream I did for the Bridal Shower. The bride was pleased... I was pleased... and better yet I got paid to do them:)

Some of the decor for the wedding that was being set up while I placed the cupcakes on the stand.  The backyard was gorgeous, established, lush, and ideal for the festivities.
Hanging Tea Lights for when the sun went down, and the rainstorm rolled in.
Backdrop for the bride and groom to stand in front of during the ceremony.

Table decorations with gorgeou mirrors to reflect the leafy canopy overhead.

The delicate silver bows tied to the crisp white chairs.

Ornate Lantern at the Guest Sign In table