Little Clips of Happiness

These are some of the random Youtube videos our family is into right now.  They are all over the spectrum, just like us:)
 My kids are in LOVE with the Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody.  Abbie asks for, "Mama Mama Mama", then she starts to sing," Mama Who Who WHOOOO!"  The part with Animal is their favorite.

I was told about Kid History while on Trek.  We almost did it as our skit, but didn't have time.  It is so random, and I want to do this with my kids when they get older.  The words that come out of their mouths make them perfect candidates for this madness:)

Matt told me about these guys last month.  I really enjoy listening to them, but not necessarily watching them.  They have lots of cool videos on Youtube, some with random happenings in the background:)
I hope that one day, at least one of my kids plays Percussion.  I LOVE it so much! 

Llamas With Hats... what to say? Bizarre... Hilarious... Disturbing... enough said!

With the last installment of the Harry Potter movie coming you can't go wrong with Potter Puppet Pals... well maybe you can because they totally stick in your head:)