{Photography} Blooms

There are were many pretty blooms around our house this weekend.  I was given this gorgeous cobalt blue vase, with lilies, hydrangeas, roses, and awesome blue flowers, at my grandma's funeral.  I transported them home so that I could press and dry some to the blooms for a future endeavor.

I love the colors the florist chose.  The blues remind me of a fancy blue floral dress my grandma had:)

We have this HUGE bush in the backyard that looks like it is raining white blooms.  The heat of the summer wilts the little white flowers pretty quick, so I wanted to get a picture before it was too late.

I love the Bokeh effect in this picture.  If you click on the picture to view it larger, you can see the little blue bug that landed in the top left section of the picture.  My kids, especially Abbie, are obsessed with bugs right now.

Our neighborhood has scattered poppies all over the place.  I love how vibrant they are, and I REALLY love that the weather has been good enough for them to grow:)