Ickie Sickies & Random Facts

Whatever Abbie has had the multiple times she has puked on me, I think has started haunting my body as well :(

No big post today, just some random facts

1: I get the hiccups almost every time I eat bread

2: Almost three years ago, I cut a 1/2 inch wide by 1/4 inch deep, gash in my thumb at work and had to get five stitches.  I am only now getting some feeling back in that thumb.

3: I am creeped out by those stuffed monkeys with the little cymbals.  Their dead and beady little eyes stare blankly into your soul (no dramatics here, eh) I had a crazy English teacher my senior year of high school that had one of these on a book shelf.  Now I get to see one every time I watch Toy Story 3 with the kids.

4: I tried to pierce my belly button in seventh grade with my Swiss Army Knife pliers and a single earring.  I didn't even numb the skin.  Then it got infected... I was so stupid:)

5: I only have one pointy "canine tooth" in the top line of my teeth, and a freckle on the bottom line of my gums.  The dentist comments on it every time.

Please tell me Five Random Facts About You in the comments:)