Easter Sketches

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I wanted some little Easter sketches to go on the cornice box above the big picture window in our living room.  I found these oval picture frames at Micheal's for $1 a piece.
I just barley put any Spring-y stuff up... and now that it is, it will probably be there until Fall:)

Supplies I used was~
2 oval frames
Watered down Robin's Egg paint
Watered down Pink Melon paint
Burnt Umber Brown paint for antiquing
Prisma Color Colored Pencils (use what you have on hand)
Artist's Chalk (use what you have on hand)
Q- Tips for brushing on chalk
Total cost for me- $2

The little chick is my favorite.  I drew both of these to have a kind of washed out, watercolor effect.  I actually wanted to paint them with my watercolors, but I was all out of the proper paper.

Sorry the pics are all so grey.  If I put the proper exposure on the camera, for the paper to appear white, it would make my faint little sketches disappear:)