Burlap and Fabric Rosette Wreath

I wanted something fresh, Spring like, and BRIGHT to hang on our front door.  I was hoping that by completing this project, it would ward off any future snowstorms. (It didn't work... it snowed all weekend)
 I really like how it turned out, even if it didn't possess magic weather stopping powers; and at least something productive came from being cooped up like a prisoner all weekend.


1~ 12 inch grapevine wreath
5~ 1/4 yard fabric scraps
3~ 18 inch pieces of white floral wire
1~ string of coordinating beads
1~ 8x10 piece of white felt
glue gun and glue sticks
pair of sewing scissors
two hours of crafting time

This project cost me nothing, because I had everything on hand.  A local craft store went out of business last year, so I was able to get some of the supplies less than a $1 {wreath and floral wire}  The fabric was from my stash as well as the beads. 
If you used craft store coupons and hit the sales and 2fer days, you could make this project for less than $10.

There are many tutorials all over the web on how to make fabric rosettes.  I just kind of did my own thing... but THIS is a good tutorial that even shows you one way to add more fabric to make a larger flower.  My MIL used THIS tutorial for Rolled Fabric Flowers.

After a rolled my flowers and glued them onto the felt, I cut and molded the floral wire until I had the look I wanted.  I slipped the beads onto the wire, then placed a strip of hot glue 1/4 inch from the tip of the wire.  As I lightly pushed the bead toward the top, it created a small bead of glue that added a decorative touch; while also sealing the bead to the wire.  Once the glue had hardened to all of the beads, I placed the wire on the back of the felt, and LIBERALLY covered it with glue.
 NOTE~ You will have to hold the wire in place for a couple of minutes until the glue hardens... otherwise the wires will dry askew and not rest flush with the felt.
Once it has hardened, tweak and arrange the beads the way you want them.
I love that the first thing out of Abbie's mouth when she saw it was, "It's pwetty! Pwetty cowors." Then she tried to eat it, thinking the beads were sprinkles:)

This is easy and budget friendly enough to make one for each holiday.  Halloween colors are enticing me; and I have a jelly roll of Merry and Bright Christmas fabric, that would make a great Christmas wreath.  Another project where options are endless.

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