Wedding- Wishing Tree

After spending 50+ hours prepping, crafting, creating, stressing, and mentally cursing... the wedding was here.  One of the things I wanted to do from the start, after finding out my mom and I were in charge of the Wedding Luncheon, was the Wedding Wishing Tree.  This project was one of the most labor intensive I did for the wedding. 

It doesn't seem like it would take very long, but here is a break down to create the 225+ Wishing Tree Tags
*Hand cut the pearly gold paper to the proper 2"x 4.25" size
*Use a decorative corner rounder on all 4 sides (that equals 900+ Carpal Tunnel inducing punches)
*Hand punch the ribbon slot
*Stamp the word HAPPY on each tag
*Stamp the word TOGETHER on each tag
*Attempt to draw 5 straight lines on each tag
*Realize at this point that I really REALLY don't care if each one is perfect
*Thread ribbon through each tag and tie a knot on the way to and from the Temple Ceremony (because I am cool like that... I get it from my dad;) 

Everything color coordinated with the Cobalt Blue and Gold with accents of jewel tones.  The tags fit with the theme perfectly.

Though this took a lot of time, I really liked how it turned out.  The picture above was at the beginning of the luncheon, so there wasn't very many tags up yet.  By the end of the Reception, it looked really neat.  I wish I would have got a picture of it full of love for Andrew and Whitney, but maybe I will get lucky and their photographer caught one.

Here is the sign I used for the Wishing Tree.  I found some ideas from different sites online, as to what I wanted it to say.

It will be neat to see how many tags they get after their Open House in Idaho this weekend.  I had Andrew choose the phrase he wanted on the tags, and Andrew and Whitney really are so Happy Together.

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