{Photography} Sunbursts, Dusk, and Silhouettes

Simple as That had some great tips to add to what I learned in the photography class with Jaci at Upix about sunbursts and silhouettes.  Kristen Duke Photography is also expert at what I call sunburst photography.  Seeing so many amazing photos on these three sites, I decided I needed to give it a try.
I like this shot because there is enough light to keep the colors more crisp, and I could have the sunburst in the shot without it washing everything out.

This looks like Iron Man in itty bitty girl form
{Personally I find Abbie just as hilarious as Robert Downey Jr, but for different reasons}

I love the red tones mixed with the green jacket

Full sunburst.  I don't know how I feel about them yet.  Practice. Practice. Practice

I really like the partial sunbursts peeking around various objects

Though having the sunburst peek out of Matt's armpit makes me giggle

The shot above and the shot below were taken right next to each other.  It is amazing the difference it makes to the lighting of a photo by shooting toward the sun, and away from it

Matt and I tried to frame these shots up by using the bright blue sky and the deep green trees to our advantage.   I like how, once Asher got high enough in the air, the sun reflected off of his happy happy face.

This was my favorite silhouette shot! You can see movement, the fading sunset, and even though you can't see the details, you know Asher has a big grin on his face.