{Party} Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

I had so much fun planning Abbie's 2nd Birthday party.  She always talks about "Ninnie Nouse," so I thought Minnie Mouse would be the perfect theme for her birthday.  I learned so much while setting up this party and I love that I get to evolve and grow during each event's process.

I made Abbie's shirt using a $3 white ruffled sleeve t-shirt, and some Tulip Fabric Paint in Glossy Black that I had leftover from Matt's race project. 

For the white backdrop I used this tutorial and made my own version.  It cost me $4 for the white sheet and $3.50 total for the pieces of wood.  The excellent thing is... now I can customize the backdrop for each party.  I can paint the sheets, use vinyl cutouts, draw images with a projector, use different colored sheets.  It is a most affordable asset to have for my parties. 
I did learn with the frame, that I either need to cut 6" off of the bottom of the frame, or use a taller display table.  I don't like the ratio of blank space to decorations.  I also learned a lot about proper table set up, which did not occur this time around;)

I made the pennant banner for $5 and the letter "A" was only $1.50.  Affordable and easy.  My goal is to get one of each letter of the alphabet, but we'll see.

These balloons met their demise the day after the party, when Asher found a pink party fork and had a happy time demolishing the balloons.  (My mom introduced them to balloon popping and the kids LOVE it... I prefer to watch them fly away in the sky, but whatever)
I got two cute mini pink metal buckets with white polka dots that I filled with marbles and black crinkle gift paper to tie the balloons to as weights.  The buckets were $1.50 each at Hobby Lobby and the crinkle paper was $1.50 at Wal Mart. It all comes together in the little details.

I finally got to use my Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter I got at Disneyland last year.  The ears are more fragile than I realized, but they were all gone by the end of the night:)  I frosted them with melted chocolate that I dyed pink, and sprinkled with edible white pearls.
Because the gel paste food coloring is water based, I had to add some shortening to the chocolate because the water made it start to seize up.  Next time I know to use powdered coloring.

I was proud of my ingenuity for the cupcakes.  I used white cake mix divided three ways. One bowl was left white, one bowl was dyed Fuchsia, and one bowl was dyed black.  The cupcake wrappers were leftover from Asher's Birthday, I used my Buttercream Frosting Recipe,  and I made Oreo Truffles with Oreo Mini's as the ears.  I will do a recipe post on these later.

This was the Photobooth Backdrop I made for the party.  It cost me $2 for the crepe paper, $4 for the Fuchsia fabric, and everything else I had on hand.

I just used thumb tacks and hooked it straight to the wall, because we still have to finish the living room, so I wasn't worried about leaving holes in the wall.

My mom helped me so much, and it was her birthday too.  I made the Minnie Mouse Headbands as props for the photobooth (Tutorial coming soon, cost me $0) My mom was great to let me practice with my camera, and to see how this was all going to come together. 
I learned more of what can be done beforehand, and what needs to be done the day of the party.  I didn't utilize my mom's help to the best advantage, so not all of the treats got made for the table.  the best pictures are taken during the daylight hours, because there is only so much you can do with exposure and photo editing.
The party still turned out great, and Abbie had a blast... which really was the most important part:)