Whoo Loves Valentines Day?

Asher and Abbie love and receive love from many different people.  This Valentine's Day I thought that it would be fun for them to pass out a card to some of those special people.  I know that Asher is most excited about giving some to his Sunbeam teachers at church.  He loves that class, and "Talkin' to the Gospel" as Asher puts it:)

I downloaded this super cute file created by Cierra at The Yellow House as part of her Friday Freebie Series.   It is perfect for little kids, or anyone for that matter, to give to those that they care about.  She has quite a few different options and ideas.  Plus, the concept to her blog, is great.  Go check it out for some beautiful photos.

 Obviously the Dusty Vintage Blue card was my favorite:)

Even though these are eye candy to me, I figured I should add some tangible candy for the little ones;)
To make the Valentines I just taped the printed and trimmed owl paper onto some white cardstock.  Then I took a sharp/ brand new razor blade, and cut a slit on the top and bottom following the curves of the wings.  I really like how they turned out. 
Sweet... Simple... with a touch of Retro Flair:)