Snowy Morning Photography

A benefit to having your kids be your alarm clock every weekend (7:30 without fail) is you get up before the sun is bright and burning.    I wanted to try different features on the camera before my class this Wednesday.  It was a perfectly beautiful morning, as the snow had fallen all night long, and blanketed the world around us.

This is the kind of shot I get from Asher every time now... nice.  Don't you love how his hair is sticking out on the side, he hit his head on a door hinge and it wouldn't lay flat. We're lucky it didn't bleed.

How I despise that the Trix Yogurt comes with those "special spoons" Abbie spills every time.  Fortunately I could avoid the mess, as the kids were watching me from the kitchen window:)

This was sunrise as the sun broke through the clouds

I loved how every branch was covered...

... as well as each individual blade of grass under the trampoline.

The sun came up and burned the clouds away in a matter of minutes, leaving a vibrant and clear blue sky behind.

The bright light helped to highlight the snow and make it glow.

Each little clothesline was entombed it the fluffy snow.

The brittle buds were like little arms, catching miniature snowballs in their grasp.

I liked how the branches intertwined, making this look like a snow cave in Narnia or Fabelhaven:)

These two birds flittered all over this bush making it sway back and forth.  Later that afternoon, the snow had all melted off, and there was at least fifty birds chirping in the branches.

I love seeing the individual snowflakes.  Especially when they hit your windshield and you can see each unique one displayed, and fade away for the next.

The neighbor's backyard is encased by trees, and shrouded in snow.

I like the look of chain link fences in photos, and I really liked the fact that this fence caught the snow, backlit by the sun.

A solitary lookout watching for the two cats that regularly scope out our backyard.

After the sun started to melt "my subjects," I threw snowballs at the window to make Asher laugh. It was a blast to try and figure out the camera and it's telephoto lens. This class is going to ROCK!