Magnet Message Board

This was super easy project, with a huge impact, and a low cost.

My future SIL Whitney really loved the phrase "Always Kiss Me Goodnight"  My brother Andrew knew that I wanted to make Whitney a gift, so we started scheming.  Her Bridal Shower was fast approaching, so I got to work, and she loved the result.


Wood Board
Sheet Metal
Krylon Chocolate Brown Spray Paint
1 Sheet Coordinating Scrapbook Paper
1/4 yard of Coordinating Fabric
4 Hobby Lobby Level 10 Magnets
4 Smooth Glass Stones
Mod Podge
E-6000 Glue
Vinyl Cutout

Tips are in italics

I bought the wood board and sheet metal at Robert's.  They were supposed to be glued together, but the sheet metal had fallen off.  I brought it up to the front, and on top it already being on sale, I got an additional discount because it was "defective."  $3 is all had spent for it my friends... $3.
The "defective" product actually ended up making the project easier, because I didn't have to tape the sheet metal off to spray paint the board.

Step 1 Spray paint the board using 3 coats, allowing for dry time in between each coat.  I did it over the weekend, spraying the back only once early Friday evening, the front once Friday before bed, the front the second time on Saturday morning,  and the front the third time Saturday evening.

Step 2 Use the E-6000 Glue to adhere the sheet metal to the board.  Place some of your husband's HUGE medical textbooks on it overnight to cure the glue.
 If you are going to sandpaper the edges of the board to give it the weathered and worn look, do it before you glue the sheet metal on.  If you forget, or your sheet metal is already on the board like it should be;) then just be careful not to scratch the sheet metal with the sandpaper.
Step 3 Trace your glass stones on your scrapbook paper and cut them out 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch smaller than your trace lines.  This makes it so there aren't any exposed edges that could tear your paper once it is glued to the stone.
Step 4 Brush a layer of Mod Podge onto your stones and place your paper on, squishing out the air bubbles.  Wait for it to dry, then paint a coat on the top layer of paper.  I always forget to let the first layer dry, before I place the top layer on, and I have yet to have issues. 

Step 5 Once the Mod Podge has completely dried (couple of hours) use the E 6000 glue, and glue the magnets onto the stones.  Let the glue cure.  Overnight is probably sufficient, but I always do what the tube says, and let the project cure overnight.

Step 6 Place your vinyl on your project.  The vinyl wasn't what I was expecting, so I could have done it myself without paying to have it cut; but it still worked out in the end:)

Step 7 Tear 4 two inch strips of your fabric and tie two strips into each pre-drilled hole.  Trim off the excess to your desired length.
Step 8 Grab a favorite picture, in my case their engagement picture, and put it on the board. I also put the Wedding Lily Flowers Necklace from Amula Designs on one of the magnets
Here is the full shot of the Magnet message Board.

 Here is the close up of the happy couple headed for wedded bliss.
(read: They are going to have cute babies;)

The total cost for the project not including the vinyl was $6
$3 for the board and sheet metal
$2 for the Level 10 Magnets
$1 for the Coordinating Scrapbook Paper

I had all of the other supplies on hand.
End Result... Cute project for an awesome price

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