The Key to My Heart

For the 2nd part of Matt’s Valentine’s Day gift, I gave him the Key to My Heart.  

I used the same size canvas as the Love Song Subway Art, so that they would match.  I pictured what I wanted the “door” to look like, and used craft paint to accomplish the look.  I wanted it to have a weathered feeling to it, and I like how the “door” turned out for the most part.

I went to the Joann’s and found the simple silver heart charm.  The key, however, is special… 
I grew up in Ogden, in a little old house built in the 1950’s.  Built onto the back of the garage was this old shed where we would play house.  We would bring in old vegetables from the garden, place them on our little dishes, and pretend to have a feast. (because who really wants to eat rotted squash;)  One day in 1989, when I was playing in the long shady grass next to the shed, I found a key.  I was so excited.  I was five years old and obsessed with pirates (still am).  I thought this key went to a hidden treasure. (It really went to the shed:)  It was a skeleton key, old and rusted.  My mom tried to help me get the rust that had built up from lying in the grass for almost 50 years.  But the rust just held on, giving it a look like it had been next to a sunken treasure chest waiting to be discovered.  It is one of the possessions I have had the longest, besides my teddy bear and Cabbage Patch Doll… Oh the trinkets we save from our youth:)

As one of my “prized” worldly possessions, I thought it was fitting to put it as the Key to My Heart.  The doorway to my heart is sometimes just as rusty as the old key; but the key still works, and the more the door is opened, the easier it is to love and be loved.

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