Bathroom Tile Coasters

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Post Edit~ If you do this project, make sure you use paint instead of crayons.  Tile Sealant does not stick to wax, which we unfortunately discovered this weekend.  It's all about trial and error people:)

I just found these images on my camera and figured it was about time to post it:) 

For Christmas I wanted to make my step dad some coasters.  He used to use those corkboard coasters, but when you spill enough liquid on them, they get pretty atrocious!

I wanted the kids to be involved with the gift as well, so I whipped out the crayons and let them have at it.
I wrote who did what tile, and what age they were when it was drawn on.

I got the tile at Lowes and the felt tabletop protectors at Walmart.  The total project cost me about $3.  After the kids were done coloring on them, I sprayed the tiles with Krylon Clear Acrylic Spray.
I thought that would be enough, but it wasn't. 

Friendly Tip~  The tile that said, 'I LOVE Papa" on it was completely rubbed off.  
My mom ended up using 3 coats of Tile Sealant, and so far the images have been protected.

It was a thrifty gift, made with love, and my step dad loved it.
This kind of project would make a great Mother's Day or Father's Day gift too.