Paper Flower Picture Frame

And we're back:) I had a lovely break from work and computers, and just played with the family.  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a fun New Year.  I will do posts about our adventures later.  First I wanted to post about this cute picture frame I did for my Aunt Barb's Christmas present. 

After my parents got divorced my dad moved in with my aunt.  She is like a third mom to me.  She helped take care of us on the weekends we were with my dad; plus she didn't whack our knuckles with a hairbrush if the tangles hurt (thanks a lot dad:)

It was that time of year that I give Aunt Barb an updated picture and here is the result...

I LOVE how it turned out.  It has kind if a rustic feel, and I like that the paper has shiny brass colored accents embedded into it.  The brassy "leaves" really tied into the paper.

I used the same concept as my "Guess How Many" jar from Girls Camp. I tried some new techniques on the flowers, and they worked much better this time around. 
Here is a tip if you do it- Once you have the spiral cut out and you have the wave pattern cut on the top edge... bend and curl the "waves" before you roll up the flower.  This makes it so that the paper won't tear when you slightly smash the the petals to make them appear more life like.  You can link to the whole tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets, this is just an additional tip that worked better for me.

This gift was fun, simple, cute, and from the heart.