{Party} No Place Like Home- Young Women in Excellence Theme

For Young Women in Excellence last November, we had a theme of "There's No Place Like Home" from The Wizard of Oz.  I was in charge for this one and I loved it.
The point of this theme was to let the girls know, that like Dorothy, we already have the ability to get "Home" inside, but we have obstacles and trials along the way that sometimes makes us forget that ability.

Some of the topics that each leader took was...
Tinman- Heart...Charity
Scarecrow- Knowledge
Cowardly Lion- Be Strong and of a Good Courage
The Wizard- (I can't remember which way the Bishopric took this one)
Dorothy- The way to get Home to Heavenly Father

I had different ideas for desserts, so I talked with the other Presidency members, and this is what I came up with.  Not everything listed was made, but I have the ideas for a future birthday party:)


"Poppy" Corn
White chocolate covered popcorn that I dyed the colors of the poppy flower.  This stuff is so addicting.

Chocolate Covered Clouds
Marshmallow suckers dipped in white chocolate and covered with Rainbow Non Pareils

Rubies and Rainbows Cupcakes
White cake mix dyed the colors of the rainbow. Similar to what I did for Abbie's Birthday, but without the fruit.  I used a homemade buttercream frosting dyed red, topped with edible glitter flakes and a cupcake topper.

Lollipop Guild Pops
Sugar cookie dough, marbled with food coloring, rolled into a 1/2 inch wide by 12 to 18 inches long.  Coil the dough, place the sucker stick and bake.

Wicked Witch Elixir
A green punch made similar to this recipe, just without the worms:)

Yellow Brick Road Bars
Rice Krispie Treats dyed with yellow food coloring.  Possible topped with yellow sprinkles or sanding sugar.

I made all of the printables myself.  It seemed like the stripes took forever, but it really wasn't that bad. 

This one can be used to create your own practically from scratch.

I think that this would be a fun birthday party to do when Abbie is a little older, and I can have more time to make props.  The theme worked really well for the Young Women as well, so it is very versatile. plus, I figured it was about time I had seen The Wizard of Oz all the way through, since I hadn't before this event.  The bright colors of the movie make it fun to plan a party around, and the meanings behind a lot of the quotes, especially the ones between Glinda, Dorothy, and the Witch at the beginning of the movie, make it perfect for teaching a lesson. 

You can use whatever you want, if it works for your own theme or party.  Please just link back here, and leave a comment... I would love to see how you used them:)  Just right click and save.  Pull it up into any photo editing software and have at it.  I use Picnik.com because it is free and works okay for my needs right now.