Doodle/ Drawing Book

My cousin Allie's daughter has been showing interest in art.  When I found out that Asher would have her in the cousin gift exchange I was super excited.  Every time I see Jewlia, she shows me little drawings she has done.  She has some great potential, and I think that she will have a lot of fun with art classes once she hits Junior High.
In honor of her budding talent, I wanted to give her a doodle book that would show her progress throughout the coming year.  I decorated it in a BasicGrey paper line that I love, and I also used some silver glitter chipboard letters.  I had everything for this project on hand.  The only things I had to worry about getting Jewlia, was four pencils of different levels of graphite hardness, and a pencil sharpener.
I was bummed that she couldn't be there the night of the party, but it was her mom's turn to have Jewlia and her sisters.

I also added some word prompts throughout the book.  That way she could do what popped into her mind, or if she got stuck she could use a page that had a prompt on it.
Here are some of the ones I put in~

Draw a rocketship in outer space
Draw your dream house
Doodle a monster
Draw Jasmine's eye (her sister)
Sketch your thumb
Draw a bird
Sketch a landscape
Sketch a flower

I hope she likes it, and I hope that my kids want one at some point:)