Buttercup Bag

For Cousin Craft Night a couple of months ago, we decided to do a little sewing.  My SIL Katie found the pattern for the Buttercup Bag on Made by Rae It is free and fairly easy.  Now I just need to make me one on the new Brother sewing machine I got for Christmas. (Finally)

I made this one for my future SIL Whitney for the Christmas cousin gift exchange.  My brother said her favorite color was green, so I found some fun fabric at Joann's

I added the pocket to the lining of this bag, but I left off the button placket.  I like it better that way, cleaner lines.  The only thing I would change about it is I forgot to change the tension on the thread, so it is really tight; and I should have used a heavy interfacing so that it had more weight and durability.  Some Home Decor fabric would probably help the durability as well. 
It was a really fun night, my kids behaved, and I was able to actually complete a full project... SUCCESS!