Amula Designs

Meet the first Sponsor of my blog, yippee!  Amy from Amula Designs.

I first "met" Amy when she checked out my Bird's Nest Necklace post and told me how she made some as well.  I started browsing through her store, and couldn't believe how many of her jewelry pieces were tantalizingly calling my name:)  It was so hard not to buy everything I saw.  Not only were all of the pieces gorgeous, but they were also such a great deal.  Almost all of the necklaces were less than $11.  It is jewelry that looks and feels like it belongs in a chic boutique, for a fraction of the price.  Even if you are on a tight budget, this is easily doable.

She lives in Arizona, so the turnaround and shipping is super fast.  Which is good because a new piece of jewelry can sure brighten a woman's smile.

Something that can make you smile even bigger and brighter is the fact that Amy has a 5% DISCOUNT for February.  (She said to check back throughout February because sometimes the DISCOUNT will be 10% off) This would be the perfect thing to hint to your spouse for Valentine's Day. 
Do what I do... Write down the exact web address for the piece you want, and print off a picture of it.  Leave it plain as day on your refrigerator door, make sure all clutter is clear and your words are in bold.  There you have an almost fool proof, better not fail, enticement for the holiday of LOVE!

Cream White Bird's Nest Necklace in Antique Brass

Amy will be going on a slight "vacation" in April, because of the birth of her 2nd baby.  She did tell me though, that she will be back open and ready to go for Mother's Day orders.  So if Valentine's isn't your thing (that's me) and Mother's Day is... you will still have a great opportunity to own your own Amula Designs piece.

From February 1 to February 28, just type in FEBRUARY as your discount code to apply the 5% off.  If you don't see something exactly as you want it.  Send Amy an email and see if she can customize it just how you want.  It generally won't change the price if she has the components readily available.  She is great to work with and so very helpful.

Wedding Lily Flower beaded Antique Brass Necklace
I purchased this necklace for my brother's fiancee.  Whitney will be getting it this weekend at her Bridal Shower.  If she is reading this...SURPRISE!

Buttercream Rose Flower Cabochon Necklace
I purchased this necklace to wear to my brother's wedding in February. Amy made me a custom listing and made me the necklace in a gunmetal color so that it would match my dress.  She is so helpful and accommodating!  Amy was even so nice as to include as a gift, a pair of matching custom earrings.  It was thoughtful and unexpected, and made my Saturday.

Antique Wedding Flower Filigree Locket Necklace
I have always wanted one of these lockets.  Women used to place a cotton ball or piece of fabric inside the locket, sprayed with their favorite perfume.  You could get this locket, and when your hubby comes to give you a hug or a kiss or both;) he will catch the scent of the perfume you wore when you were dating.  Perfect for your Valentine's date night.

My Little Pot of Flowers Necklace
A cute little antique brass necklace with a fun pop of color.  Perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's day, or any day:)

Violets are Blue Flower Branch Necklace
I love these delicate branches.  Even better is she has them in different finishes and different colored flowers.

 She also sells gorgeous earrings at such an affordable price
Teal Blue Glass Pearl Beaded Earrings
A co worker of mine purchased these Teal Blue Glass Pearl Beaded Earrings when I placed my order.  When I brought them into work, she did such a happy dance because she was so excited for her new "bling."

Metallic Purple Czech Flower Bead Earrings
I love the leaf bead caps on these Metallic Purple Czech Earrings

Snow White Frosted White Bead Earrings
 I love these Snow White Earrings

 Amy is so great... so go support handmade, and look cute while doing it!